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SOLD ITEMS please read for educational purpose / Genuine Roman and Byzantine Rings

Elegant Genuine Roman Sculpted Starburst Ring Sz8 3/4 AD 200
Matching Pair Genuine Silver Byzantine Earrings 800AD
Genuine Ancient Roman Africa Carthage Bronze Ring Size 10 1/2
Ancient Roman Byzantine Ornate Silver Ring AD800 Sz10
Roman Bronze Cupid Fertility God Pendant AD100
Ancient Roman Celtic Engraved Horse Rider Ring Size 5 1/2
Byzantine Medieval Christian Bronze Cross Pendant AD999
Medieval Byzantine Engraved Filigree 2 Ruby Ring AD900
Byzantine Christian Bronze Cross Pendant 800AD
Ancient Engraved Roman Intaglio Ring Labarum AD350 Sz9+
Roman Celtic Magic Evil Eye Ring Sz7+AD350 Protects "K"
Genuine Elegant Roman Albania Gemstone Ring Sz 5 AD200
7thC Ancient Roman-Byzantine Gold Plate Earring Pendant
Rome-Parthia Bronze Arrow Point Lapel Pin/Pendant AD200
Rome-Parthia Bronze Arrow Point Lapel Pin/Pendant AD200